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PVC Railing Systems

Polyvinyl chloride - commonly known as PVC - is a dense, heavy, cellular thermoplastic which is a low-cost, low-maintenance alternative to wood. We offer an extensive selection of interior or exterior PVC railing systems, including PVC balusters of all shapes and sizes, from small, traditional pickets to large, decorative urns.

PVC will stand up to insects and the elements, making it a perfect exterior product for commercial or residential structures. Our PVC railing systems won’t rot, shrink, warp, twist, check, or peel, or require repeat paintings.

PVC is versatile and can be fabricated using conventional woodworking methods. It can also be extruded, which is a more cost-efficient process when creating small items, such as 1 ½ inch pickets or hand rails.

If your project requires very large balusters, we may suggest one of our other materials, such as polyurethane which can be a more cost-efficient solution.

If you’ve only seen synthetic products with a shiny, white finish, check out our PVC railings and accessories; they look like traditional wood. All products arrive factory pre-primed, ready for paint or stain.

We offer thousands of PVC railing styles, from classic to contemporary, to help you achieve the right look for your project.