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Pergolas, Arbors & Trellis

Traditionally fashioned out of wood, these garden and yard structures were previously high maintenance items due their constant exposure to water, wind, and growing vines. Our PVC pergolas, arbors, and trellises are not only designed to withstand the elements but are also engineered to hold up against hurricanes and strong wind load. We carry a wide range of design choices in both stock and custom products.

A pergola is a large structure composed of four columns connected by beams and open rafters. Traditionally, vine growth was encouraged to create shade, but today’s pergolas often include a retractable canopy for additional shade.

An arbor is a small, free-standing structure, made up of lattices and sometimes arched at the top, often used to mark a point of entry or transition.

A trellis is a free-standing structure made up of two columns connected by a tight weave of intersecting pieces.