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  • Height 24"
  • Width 1 14"
  • Maximum Repeat 5 18"
  • Product Type Balusters
  • Style
    • Round
    • Straight
  • Material Rigid Polyurethane
  • Texture Smooth
  • Finish White Primer

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This Baluster can be used with Polyurethane or PVC Rails.

This product is reinforced with a pipe made of PVC or aluminum. The pipe extends beyond the top and bottom of the baluster.

For a building code compliant railing, a 4" ball cannot pass through the widest opening between balusters. Maximum Repeat is the furthest center to center spacing of balusters to meet the 4" ball rule.

If you need an exact match of an existing baluster for historical restoration, it's no problem. All of our designs started as custom orders. Just send us an example baluster or a drawing of what you need and we'll make it for you.

Still can’t find the architectural product you’re searching for? It might be time to create a custom millwork solution.