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PVC Railing Systems

Railing Systems

Polyurethane Railing Systems

Our polyurethane railing systems are strong and durable, made from a high-density polyurethane exterior and reinforced with a structural, aluminum core. Polyurethane is a versatile, durable, thermoplastic that is a low-cost, low-maintenance alternative to wood.

Polyurethane railings are a great solution for systems that use balusters from two to twelve inches wide. We offer a variety of finishes, including smooth, stone, stucco, or coral, and all products are factory pre-primed, ready for your finish.

Custom Railing Systems

We like a challenge! If you can’t find the railing system you had in mind or you’re trying to reproduce a certain look, give us a call. From your photos, sketches, specifications and conversation, we’ll custom make just what you’re looking for. If we can draw it, we can make it!

We’ll work from pictures, drawings, and discussions to create a custom made solution to bring your concept to reality. If we can draw it, we can make it!