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Decorative Accessories

Rosettes, onlays, and appliques are the finishing touch to a room’s architectural style. From classical to contemporary, well chosen decorative accessories added to the wall, ceiling or furniture enhance the beauty of a room.

Some examples of their use:

  • Elaborate scroll work on the ceiling of an elegant dining room, reminiscent of a European palace.
  • Decoration on a fireplace mantle.
  • A one-of-a-kind feature wall.
  • The corners of interior and exterior door and window trim seen in buildings of all styles.

With hundreds of design choices, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Decorative elements like these were historically made from carved stone or wood. Our decorative accessories made of synthetic materials are a more cost effective choice and, once painted, look just like wood. We have had experts unable to tell the difference when they saw wood and synthetic products side-by-side.

Our polyurethane and composite rosettes, onlays, and appliques are incredibly durable. They are appropriate for exterior and interior use, will not rot, and are weather-proof in any climate. They are lightweight and easy to install with construction adhesive.

We also offer custom designs. If you are doing a restoration and need to match the design elements on your building, or if you just want something we don’t have in our current selection, we will work with you to make the item to your specifications.