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Entrance & Window Systems

Entrances and windows are one of the most noticeable elements of a home or building. We offer a wide variety of embellishments and accent pieces that will increase your structure’s curb appeal and character, while remaining cost efficient and requiring minimal maintenance.

A pediment is a decorative element, either simple or ornate, placed above your entry door.

Typically placed above windows or doorways, a crosshead is a flat, decorative board and projecting moulding that spans the length of the opening.

Pilasters, plinths and capitals work together to give your doorway or window the look of a column surround. Arranged symmetrically on either side of the opening, the plinth is the base, pilasters are the columns, and capitals adorn the top. Fluted or paneled, these elements may jut out slightly from the wall, but remain attached, and lend an elegant look to your entryway.

Traditionally the last piece of stone added to lock in the stones of an arch, the keystone is the central element of any large header or arch. Most of today’s keystones are purely decorative, and used to visually break up a large area.

Arches and arched trim provide the finishing touches for round or curved windows.

Used in a large expanse of walls, sunbursts are embellishments that mimic rays bursting from a central point, set in a semi-circle or elliptical shape. They are typically placed over windows or doors.