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Exterior Mouldings & Trim

Cornice and crown mouldings provide a decorative touch that gives character and distinction to the exterior of your home or building. Our extensive collection of stock profiles includes both functional and decorative products. Many of our stock profiles originated as custom designs.

Cornice and crown mouldings are ornamental trims applied at the junction where the wall meets the ceiling.

Dentil mouldings use repeating blocks to create a patterned design. We offer a wide array of dentil mouldings, either horizontal, or pitched to follow a roof line.

Roofed mouldings are closed on the top, rather than open, typically used on top of windows or parapet walls.

Vented mouldings are decorative assemblies designed to permit air flow. They are a more attractive and time saving alternative to the traditional soffit vent.

PVC mouldings provide a long-lasting, low-maintenance decorative finish for a variety of applications. We have over thirty styles of extruded PVC profiles readily available in stock.