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Miscellaneous Exterior Millwork

We offer such a wide array of trims, mouldings, embellishments, and accent pieces, it’s difficult to categorize everything. If you haven’t found what you need yet, have a look here.

Festoons and tassels create a visual focal point on a flat wall. The festoon is the curved, central U-shaped element, while the tassels hang at either end. We offer a large selection of sizes and designs.

Oval trim is more difficult to shape than round trim, but we can help you find the perfect fit to surround any oval opening. We carry a few oval trims in stock, and we can customize exactly what you need based on your template and/or specifications.

Quoins are decorative elements incorporated into a building’s corners to add visual appeal, texture, and projection.

Originally intended to protect windows from the elements, most of today’s shutters are decorative. We offer a wide selection of louvered or paneled shutters, made of fiberglass or PVC, to fit windows of any size and style.

Flat trim boards can be used in the same manner as traditional wood trim, but provide a low-maintenance alternative. PVC boards come in standard thicknesses of ¼ inch intervals, from ¼ inch up to 1 ½ inch. Widths come up to 4 feet and lengths up to 18 feet. We can custom cut boards to fit your specifications.

Miscellaneous: Panels, Wreath & Bow, Cupolas & Weathervanes, Acorns, Golf Balls, Bamboo, Arabesque, Rake Trim, Specialty Windows.

If you still can’t find just what you’re looking for, give us a call.