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Polyurethane & PVC Gingerbreads

Gingerbreads are used at the apex of a roof or porch post. They are elaborately detailed embellishments, usually featuring complex geometric shapes and carvings.

Gingerbreads are elaborately carved and detailed architectural ornaments which are most commonly added to the apex of a roof or used as a corner bracket to a porch post.

Our gingerbread brackets come in “framed” and “unframed” styles; with framed styles the detailed cutout is contained within an “L” shape, where as unframed styles have no border or continuous straight lines. Our gingerbreads are made of high density polyurethane which is durable and withstands the elements better than traditional materials. They also come pre-primed, ready to paint and are exceptionally easy to install.

We have gingerbreads available in High Density Polyurethane and PVC. Our low-maintenance gingerbreads will save you time and money for years to come; they stand up to insects and the elements, and will never rot, shrink, warp, twist, check, peel or require repeat paintings. They arrive primed and ready to paint. You can expect your painted gingerbread to last 25 years. All products can be used for interior and exterior applications.

Our PVC gingerbreads are available in multiple sizes for each design. If your project requires the same gingerbread in different sizes, choose from our PVC gingerbread collection.

If our choices of stock Polyurethane and PVC gingerbreads are not what you are looking for, contact us about custom orders.