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Polyurethane Bracket Details

Our polyurethane brackets are non load-bearing and are made from high density polyurethane, which is an exceptionally durable and lightweight material that is low maintenance and is resistant of wear from moisture and insects. All of our polyurethane brackets are easy to install and come pre-primed, ready to paint.

Disclaimer: Tops and backs are not finished and may not be closed. If a specific backside condition is required, please inform us in advance.


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Keywords: Brackets, Polyurethane, Smooth, White Primer, Bracket,

Item No. BRA594680




Projection: 11"

Height: 16"

Width: 4"

Material: Polyurethane

Texture: Smooth

Finish: White Primer

We can provide some of our polyurethane products in Class A fire-rated foam with a flame spread of 20 and smoke developed of less than 450. Please note: Available by special order only and not eligible for quick ship.


Custom: If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, call (800) 399-0268. We also make custom blocks and brackets!



For PDF of BRA594680, please call (800) 399-0268


For CAD file of BRA594680, please call (800) 399-0268