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Polyurethane Railing Systems

Our polyurethane railing systems are strong and durable, made from a high-density polyurethane exterior and reinforced with a structural, aluminum core. Polyurethane is a versatile, durable, thermoplastic that is a low-cost, low-maintenance alternative to wood.

Polyurethane railings are a great solution for systems that use balusters from two to twelve inches wide.
We offer a variety of finishes, including smooth, stone, stucco, or coral, and all products are factory pre-primed, ready for your finish.

The baluster is the vertical component connecting the top rail to the bottom. We have balusters in any shape or size, turned or square, from 1 ¼ square pickets to 12 inch urns. Many of our stock balusters originated as custom designs.

The railing is the piece that runs horizontally along the top and bottom of the balusters and attaches to the newel posts.

The newel post is a vertical, structural element placed at intervals to provides support to the railing. We offer an extensive variety of newel posts that are smooth or paneled, round or square, from 3 to 12 inches wide.

Newel caps are decorative elements placed on top of a newel post; they can add character and visual appeal.

A decorative panel can be added to a railing system to create a unique look, or to add a measure of privacy. If you are seeking a look other than the traditional picket-style railing, explore our selection of decorative panels.

Finials and balls are ornaments used at the tops of fence posts or newel posts, or to designate the end or corner of an object. They can also be used to enhance a roofline or entryway.

Urns are ornamental accents placed on rooftops or entryways. Read more about how our ornamental polyurethane urns saved this New York Hotel from an installation headache!

If your porch or staircase is curved, you’ll need a curved railing. We can create a railing specific to whatever radius is required. We also offer over the post rail systems and gooseneck railing components.

We supply the hardware and accessories you need to assemble and maintain your railing to create a durable and lasting finish.