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(formerly Jade Hotel NYC)
Architects select beautiful embellishments to complete their projects, many of which are installed at the tail-end of construction. When the Jade Hotel in New York City was nearly done with a major renovation, they realized that the ornamental urns intended to enhance the roof area had not been installed.

As originally designed, these urns were to match the sandstone finish of the building. Designed at over 7 feet tall and about 2 1/2 feet wide, each would weigh in excess of 1000 lbs.

The hotel had a problem: the crane that had been towering over the high-rise through much of the construction had been taken down. Installing these massive urns would be impossible without the use of a crane, but returning it to the congested NYC neighborhood would be difficult and extremely costly.


It was a problem for which we had the perfect solution. Using High-Density Polyurethane millwork, we were able to fashion urns identical to the architect’s specs. Not only did we match the shape, we also created a custom sandstone finish and color. Weighing only a couple hundred pounds each, our urns could be carried and installed without heavy equipment.

At the end of the project, the hotel was adorned with the expected architectural details, and the busy neighborhood was spared a second intrusion of a construction crane.

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