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  • This Old House - The Barrington Beach House
    "Norm sees the decorative brackets being used on the exterior and learns [from Mark White] why polyurethane is a better choice than PVC stock for this application."

  • This Old House - The Carlisle House
    "Kevin meets millwork specialist Mark White at his showroom that specializes in high-density polyurethane trim."


  • Rakes, Soffits and Friezes
    Rakes, soffits and friezes are important elements in building construction. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to understand the differences between them. Here is an illustrated explanation, which will help when talking to your contractor or other building professional.
  • Eave Returns: Interpreting GYHR Details
    Here is a link to an article with an in-depth discussion of the why’s and wherefore’s of proper Eave Return construction techniques.
    If you are wondering how best to make your Eave Returns look correct, then this is a must read.